The new Muse album is fun! Loving the full preview (on The Guardian)!

Cheers, LT.
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The Art of Battery

The power-storing sort of battery, not the "assault & battery"-version, mind you!

Zen and the Art of Laptop Battery Maintenance

While this guide is aimed at laptop/netbook-batteries, it - basically - applies to all rechargeable batteries on Lithium-ion basis. Be good to your batteries!

On a more personal note: Exams are coming up... in two weeks, I'll write the first of six exams. I'm learning now - and it's annoying. And I'm a bit stressed. But after I've finished the exams... it will take a lot of time until the next round of exams arrives, so there's plenty of time to relax afterwards.

Cheers, LT.

Firefox Add-Ons

Me loves my Firefox - it's a (relatively) fast browser, nice to use and very customisable. Opera is perhaps - out of the box - better, but the sheer number of add-ons for Firefox put it ahead for me. So, here are some of the best and/or add-ons for Firefox - from my point of view, of course.

Basic & Essential Add-Ons
Adblock Plus: Blocks advertising and hence potential malware channels. Now, websites need advertising to pay for their bills, so I selectively disable it for trusted websites - and I suggest you do the same. But for random browsing, it's probably a good idea to keep some protection up.
NoScript: Basically Adblock Plus' big brother, in some ways. It simply shuts down all Java and JavaScript elements, as well as embedded content, like Flash. Good protection, though it requires a lot of user input, as most websites implement such material, nowadays.

Little Helpers
Morning Coffee: Do you do daily website visits? Especially in the morning, before going to university/school/work? This one is for you. With one click, you open a collection of websites, depending on the day of the week - so you get your daily dose of news, webcomics and entertainment without clicking through your bookmarks.
Context Search: Do you use different search engines, like for Google, Wikipedia and so on? Then install this, allowing you to access all of them from the context menu. I wonder why this didn't go into Firefox list of base features a loooong time ago.
Go to Selection: Another context menu helper - access plaintext URLs without hassle, by selecting and clicking.
Undo Closed Tab Button: Self-explanatory, but very, very useful, if you have a finger as twitchy as mine. Or if you're just too lazy to wander through your menus.
QuickPageZoom: Little helpful buttons to zoom the entire page without using menus. Put it into your status bar for quick access.

AnyColor: Allows you to tweak the colours of the standard theme without switching the theme. It has presets and lot of little tweaks that are very useful, like the "Compact Main Window", which cuts down on the white space your buttons use. Experiment with it!
Fission: Very simple - it puts your progress bar into your URL bar. It looks flashy, but more importantly: It looks intuitive, once you use it, as you are probably look into the URL bar to see what page it is, no?
Compact Menu 2: Who needs a menu bar, anyway? With this, the entire menubar becomes a little button in the toolbar. Combine with AnyColor's "compact main window" and your entire Firefox basically shrinks down to a title bar, a slim toolbar and the status bar. With the little helpers above, you don't really need the full menu bar very often, anyway - make the most of your real screen estate!
Fast Dial: Above, I said how much I like Opera - and the start page definitely adds to that love. This emulates it, but also gives you a lot of customisability - to make it look neat.
FoxTab: Okay, unlike the ones above, this one doesn't help you a lot with useability (i.e. this appearance tweak doesn't improve the ease of use) - but it is sooo pretty!
NASA Nightlaunch: Just a pretty theme. Nowadays, I use AnyColor, but before, I really liked it, as brighter themes burn my eyes on LCD screens.

Cheers, LT.


The name... is ill-chosen, but the project is really, really cute: TweenBots. Essentially, they're cute little robots looking for their way through a park - depending on human help to get them on the right way.

And: People are really helping them! That's definitively an awesome art project showing us that people in general are still nice and good - at least if they are encountering cute things.

In other words: The future is cute?

Cheers, LT.